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The Path's We Choose!

Saturday, June 25, 2016 • Damon Stuart

In life we choose different paths for ourselves. Sometimes it's by choice and other times because it's easy. One path I chose many years ago was to follow Jesus Christ as my savior and I've never looked back. It's the best path adventure I've ever been on and every person should choose it as well.
Another path I've had to choose recently is the path to better health. For 40+ years I've been in really good health. Only getting a cold or the flu once every 2-3 years and my cholesterol and blood pressure levels etc…was always normal.
In mid May, I got a severe sinus infection which forced me to go to the doctor, something I haven't done in over 2 years. After checking my blood pressure my doctor kind of freaked out on me and stated that he was very concerned. It was 170/107 which is very high. It should be 120/80. Over the next 3 weeks I was to monitor it and see if the medication for the sinus/allergies was throwing my numbers off.
After 3 weeks of monitoring my blood pressure it stayed high around the same numbers the whole time. Once I followed up with the doctor again he told me I would have to go on blood pressure medicine plus restructure my diet with daily exercise as well. However, this is what he said that resonated so deeply in me that a light went on. He said, you can take medication for this and it will work and you can live life the same as you do now and be on medication(s) for a long time or your whole life OR you can do something about it now and get off the medication soon for good – it's up to you Damon.
So for almost the past 2 weeks, I've been getting up around 6:00 am and walking 45 minutes to an hour each morning except on Sundays. I've cut my sodium (which is the main culprit for me) in half along with carbs. I added more organic fruits, vegetables, lean meats and cut sugars down to only the daily requirements. I also have to get back to my target weight which means I have to lose 25 pounds.
The blood pressure medicine has not been easy for me as I've had the side effects which are lightheadedness and dizziness when moving too quickly or getting up and just having that constant medicine head feeling with no energy.  With my doctor's knowledge I've been off the BP medicine for 3 days and staying off until next week as we see the difference in my numbers when I was on the meds versus being off of them. So far my numbers have gone down these past 3 days by just following my daily exercise and food plan. I want to stay off the meds so this is a life time commitment for me now.
I have too much to do to be physically sidelined from being a husband, father and minister of the gospel. Even though a sinus infection got me in the doctor's office, it was God using a situation to wake me up from just coasting along with my health, life and future. And God didn't allow this; it was me by the poor choices I've made these past few years. Taking care of my natural heart is just as important as taking care of my spiritual heart and life. This is a new path in this chapter of my life but I'm up to the challenge because life is short and I want to life to the fullest for myself, for my family and most importantly, for the kingdom of God.
For those interested, I'll keep you updated on this part of my journey!
Damon Stuart
June 24, 2016

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