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The Sound of Heaven!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 •

This past year I have witnessed such an increase of the presence of God during worship that continues to amaze me. Especially as I travel around the unity in corporate worship has gone to a new and better level. I know many people are tired of song services and desire to come into the throne room of heaven to worship our King.
One of several ongoing prayer requests of mine for leading worship is that we would so join with the saints, elders and angels already singing around the throne that our time of worship would blend right in with what's happening in heaven. In the past year I have personally heard angels singing with us twice as we worshipped in such unity. Their voices are not only beautiful their voices were perfect, harmonious and always a full octave higher than any human can sing.
This past weekend I was ministering at the Atlanta Revival Center where I have been going to minister now for 9 years. The ARC is and has been a second home church for me as I've come to know many of the people there and built many friendships over the years. Vance Murphy is the pastor at ARC and a long time friend. He was actually the first person to invite me to minister when I first stepped out into full time itinerate ministry nine years ago.
This past Sunday as we began to worship in a packed out sanctuary, the presence of God began to fill that place. Several were on their knees in the aisles and others weeping under the presence as we worshiped and exalted Jesus. What seemed like only about 10 minutes was actually almost an hour of pure and true worship that we began to hear the angels sing all around with us.
Here is a testimony from one of those in attendance that Sunday morning (June 12, 2016) at the service:
This morning in church, I came in feeling beat down and discouraged about some things going on, and was unable to worship. So I decided that during the worship time I would sit in my seat, close my eyes, and just soak in the presence of God. While I was sitting there listening to the singing with my eyes closed I started to hear some of the most beautiful vocals, and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. It wasn't the people around me, and there was only one man (Damon) leading worship with no other vocals....and it wasn't in the speakers. It was as if it was just "in the air". I actually was thinking "Am I hearing angels singing and worshipping God with the church?" Then I brushed it off and just listened to the sound and took it all in. At the end of the worship time, Pastor Vance stood up and said "I'm not going to say I'm 1000% sure, but I believe we just heard angels singing with us!" And then several people throughout the room were saying "Yes I heard it!" So, if I am crazy, then I must be in the company of a lot of other people who can resonate, because they heard the same thing I heard!   (Amy R.)
Hallelujah! God inhabits the praises of His people and the angels want to participate as well. We are living in some very dark and uncertain times but God is also revealing more and showing up more where He is welcomed and truly worshiped. There's nothing like the sound of heaven when we worship the Lord in Spirit and truth!
Damon Stuart

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